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Champagne. Caviar. Bora Bora. Are you not entertained?| GuyWhoKnowsThings

Sonia Elyss, a 38-year-old beauty marketer from New York City who has worked in influencer marketing for a decade, recognized the problem. “This is not the first time I have personally witnessed influencer fatigue,” she said. “At the height of Instagram influencer culture, before TikTok was a thing, we had the same scenario.”

The difference now, Elyss noted, is the scale of influence that TikTok has made possible. which has more than 150 million users in the United States, according to the company. On Instagram, people often search for or follow influencers. On TikTok, influencer content is more likely to appear in your feed.

Rachel Ferraro, a 25-year-old law student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, described Tarte's campaign as “tone-deaf,” adding that it was off-putting to “normal people like me, who are still in school, who have “A lot of debt.” She added that she had followed some of the influencers who went to Bora Bora and had been excited to see what happened on the trip, only to find herself put off by the flashy displays of plentiful loot.

Tarte does not purchase gifts received by its guests. Instead, other companies looking to raise their profile donate them. Ms. Kelly, Tarte's chief executive, noted that most of the items gifted in the bungalows were from female-founded brands, several of which had been part of Tarte Small Business Incubation Program. He added that the Four Seasons had offered the company an “extremely reduced rate” but declined to comment on the company's total investment in the trip.

Tarte is no stranger to backlash. critics of the brand trip to Dubai Last year there was a lack of diversity among guests; a subsequent trip to Miami was criticized when the company was accused of treating black guests differently than other influencers. Kelly said the company had made several changes since those trips, including company-wide diversity training and hiring and promoting Black women in critical roles. All guests on the recent excursion stayed in identical rooms and enjoyed identical benefits, she added.

Ms. Blackmon, a fan of the Tarte trip, said she was pleased to see a more diverse group on the Bora Bora trip and was not swayed by criticism of the brand's campaign on social media. “I personally don't think he's out of touch,” she said. “I think people are upset because they're not there..” Asked if she would take a plane tomorrow if Tarte invited her, Ms. Blackmon said, “I would be on the plane.” today.”

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