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Do you have experience working with Boeing? We want to hear from you.| GuyWhoKnowsThings

Two fatal accidents. Quality concerns and production slowdowns. A loose panel that exploded during a flight. Boeing is an American institution that has contributed to the country's place on the world stage. But it is also going through a particularly difficult period.

As business journalists at the New York Times, we've been covering Boeing and Concerns about the quality of the airplanes it manufactures.. We are planning more stories about the future of the company, its competitive position against its European rival Airbus, employee morale and whether enough is being done to improve quality and prevent incidents like this year in which a panel is ripped off a 737 Max 9 aircraft during an Alaska Airlines flight.

We want to hear from people who work (or have worked) at Boeing or at companies, government agencies or other organizations that deal with Boeing about what the company is doing right or wrong. Tell us your experiences below.

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