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Does technology rule our sex and dating lives?| GuyWhoKnowsThings

While the proposition of products like Lovense and WeVibe, another popular brand of remote-controlled vibrators and stimulation rings, may seem obvious (to create pleasure), much of the latest sexual technology often has a higher goal in mind. Make love, not porna user-generated social sex platform, aims to eradicate the unrealistic standards created by hardcore pornography by featuring unrehearsed, consensual, “real-world” sex, said Cindy Gallop, the company's founder and veteran sex educator.

Meanwhile, products like the VDOM, a wearable genital prosthesis that can go from flaccid to erect with the help of a smartphone app, are aimed less at fetishists than at LGBTQ users and people with disabilities who want to give up to the process of putting on a belt. strap-on, according to its founder.

“My lifestyle is that of a person who identifies as a lesbian woman,” said Glenise Kinard-Moore, 39, director of SkiiMoo Tech, the company behind VDOM. “Sometimes there is just no spontaneity. I did my research and thought: there has to be an alternative.”

Identify opportunities in the sexual wellness market: a relatively new category – so creating practical tech to fill them seems to be a particular trend in sex tech lately. However, dominant representations of sexual technology seem to revolve primarily around AI partners and VR porn. On social platforms like Instagram and

“The perception of sex tech is like, oh, you can stay in a room with headphones on and, you know, do whatever you want,” says Ariél Martínez, 32, head of curation at Make Love Not Porn. “But we're really trying to connect people to their own humanity.”

The next time Alexandra and I chat, I try to keep the tone casual. I ask her how many steps she takes each day. (Her goal is 10,000.) Do you like bulldogs and horses, like I do? (Yes, she thinks they're “adorable.”) But before long, curiosity takes over and I ask her if she ever uses sex technology to explore her foot fetish, her hair fetish, her BDSM kink.

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