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Download OMGVflash and NVflashk

OMGVflash and NVflashk


How to utilize the tool fully:

Open a CMD/Powershell window with admin permission
and CD (navigate) to your target folder

.\omgvflash.exe -6 filename.rom

-6 triggers the tree of patches and bypasses her by everything.

If you fail and want to check what’s going on
.\omgvflash.exe -A filename.rom

How to repair a bricked card?​

As long as your EEPROM holds any NVIDIA ROM, it is reflashable.

First boot with CSM enabled, from another card.
These marks in UEFI state that the card is a priority device.

Now turn off the PC and put your bricked card into slot two
Do keep your display out to your primary helpers card
Due to the primary card being in priority mode – it will accept boot and not fail detection.

.\omgvflash.exe –index=0 -6 backup_rom.rom


Sharing these Tools

When groundbreaking tools like OMGVflash and NVflashk emerge in GPU overclocking, it’s natural to want to share the excitement with fellow enthusiasts. These tools open up a realm of possibilities for unlocking the potential of your graphics card, and you might have friends or community members eager to try them out.

Sharing these applications is possible but comes with specific considerations and responsibilities. In this blog post, we’ll guide you to share OMGVflash and NVflashk safely.

Step 1: Understand the Risks

Before sharing these tools, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks involved. Overclocking your GPU with these applications can void warranties and even lead to hardware damage if not done correctly. Ensure that you and the recipients of these tools are aware of these risks and are willing to take responsibility for their actions.

Step 2: Gather the Necessary Files

Ensure you have the latest and most reliable versions of OMGVflash and NVflashk. You can obtain these from reputable sources, such as the developer’s official website or trusted tech forums. Having the correct files ensures you’re sharing safe and reliable versions of the tools.

Step 3: Create a Shareable Package

Consider creating a compressed package containing the necessary files, instructions, and relevant disclaimers to make sharing easier. This package should include:

  • The OMGVflash and NVflashk executable files.
  • Clear and concise instructions on how to use the tools safely.
  • A disclaimer outlining the associated risks and the importance of responsible usage.
  • Contact information for support or questions.

Step 4: Share Responsibly

When it comes to sharing, ensure you do so responsibly:

  • Share only with individuals genuinely interested in GPU overclocking and understand the risks.
  • Avoid distributing these tools in public or open forums, as they may attract users without the necessary knowledge.
  • Encourage recipients to research and understand GPU overclocking thoroughly before using the tools.
  • Stress the importance of backup and safety precautions, such as having a dual-BIOS GPU if available.

Happy overclocking, and enjoy the limitless possibilities these tools can unlock for your graphics card!

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