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How To Change Order Of Instagram Post in 2024?

How To Change Order Of Instagram Post?

Have you ever posted a series of photos on Instagram, and were curious about the Change Order Of Instagram Post only to realize later that they’re not in the order you’d like them to be? It happens to the best of us. Thankfully, there’s a way to change the order of your Instagram posts even after they’ve been uploaded. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process, step by step. So, let’s dive right in!

Can You Change The Order Of Instagram Posts?

Yes, you can indeed change the order of your Instagram posts, even after they’ve been uploaded. While there’s no direct option provided by Instagram for rearranging your posts, we’ve got a nifty trick for you. It involves just two simple steps.

Steps To Change Order Of Photos In A Carousel On Instagram After Publishing

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of rearranging your Instagram posts. It’s a breeze; there are only two steps, and here’s how you do it:

Delete the Photos by Editing

Open the Instagram app.

Go to the carousel post you wish to re-arrange.


Touch the meatballs menu icon (⋯).

Choose the “edit” option.

Go to the photo/video you want to change the order of.

Click on the delete icon at the upper right side of the photo.

Click on Delete.

Repeat the same for all photos/videos you want to re-order in the carousel.

After doing that, click on “done.”

Restore the Photos in Order Wise to Rearrange

After following the first step, you might wonder how you Change the Order Of Instagram Posts because you’ve deleted the photos. Don’t worry; it’s just part of the process. Now, follow these steps:

Go to your profile.

Tap on the triple bar.

Go to settings.

Use the search option to find the “recently deleted” section. Click on it.

Choose the first photo you want to add to the carousel.

Click on “three dots (⋯).”


Click on restore and tap on the same again to confirm your action.

Repeat the same process for all the photos you want to add back to your carousel.

Important Note: You can only Change the Order Of Instagram Posts in a carousel post you’ve already posted, not in a post you’re still creating. Also, re-ordering will only re-arrange the photos; the caption and location will remain the same.

How To Rearrange Instagram Photos While Posting?

Rearranging your content while posting is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

On a Story Unselect the content again and re-select it as you want it to appear. For example, if you want the 3rd photo to appear on the 2nd slide, just unselect the third and second one and then select the 3rd one first.

On a Post Rearranging the layout of a carousel post is similar to the process of rearranging content on a story, only the interface is different. Select the photos that are in the wrong order and then select them how you want them to appear in your post.

How To Change The Order Of Existing Posts On Profile?

Changing the order of your existing posts on your profile is something only you will see, as it won’t affect the public view. Here’s how to do it:

Open Instagram.

Open Instagarm

Select the profile icon.

Hit the hamburger menu.

Select “your activity.”

Tap on posts.

Now, click on “oldest to newest” or “newest to oldest” – whichever is appearing.

You can also set the post order date-wise.


Let’s address some common questions related to rearranging Instagram posts:

Is there any direct option for Rearranging Instagram posts?

No, there is no direct method for re-arranging the posts. There is only one way, and that I have already mentioned above.

Can you Change the Order Of Instagram Posts after posting?

Yes, you can, but Instagram hasn’t introduced any such feature that lets users change the sequence of uploaded posts. But using tricks, you can do it as mentioned above.

After posting multiple photos on Instagram, can I change the order of which will appear first?

Yes, you can change the order after posting photos. You would need to delete them first and then restore the photos sequence-wise.

Can you change the order of Instagram posts?

Yes, you can change the order even after uploading the post on Instagram.

How to change the order of Instagram posts?

The process of changing the order depends on whether you want to change the order of published posts or while posting (both of which are mentioned above).

How to rearrange Instagram photos after posting?

Rearranging photos after posting can be done by deleting and then restoring them.


Now you have the power to Change the Order Of your Instagram Posts or rearrange your Instagram posts even after publishing or uploading. Just follow the steps outlined in this guide, and all your work will be done. If you encounter any issues along the way, feel free to drop a comment below. We’re here to help you make your Instagram profile exactly the way you want it! 😊

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