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How To Do Anonymous Questions On Instagram?

If you’ve been searching for an exciting way to engage with your Instagram followers through anonymous Questions On Instagram, you’re not alone. The allure of Anonymous Questions On Instagram lies in the sense of mystery and the freedom it provides for individuals to express themselves without fear of judgment. It’s an ideal way to interact with your audience, whether they’re your friends, family, or followers.

But here’s the surprising truth: Instagram doesn’t offer a built-in feature for anonymous questions. So, how can you unlock this intriguing engagement tool on Instagram? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining anonymous questions on Instagram using a third-party platform called NGL. Whether you want to maintain confidentiality, avoid judgment, get honest feedback, or simply make everyone feel comfortable, this guide has you covered. Let’s dive into the world of anonymous questions on Instagram.

What Is an Anonymous Question on Instagram?

Before we delve into the “how,” let’s understand the “what.” Anonymous questions on Instagram refer to inquiries posed by users without revealing their identities. Typically, when someone asks a question on Instagram stories, the recipient knows the identity of the questioner. However, anonymous questions allow individuals to remain unidentified when they engage in this way.

The primary purpose of anonymous questions is to create a safe space for people to ask questions or express their thoughts without the fear of judgment. It’s a powerful tool for opening up new avenues of communication and interaction on the platform.

How to Ask Anonymous Questions on Your Instagram Story

Now that we’ve clarified what anonymous questions are, let’s address that: How can you enable anonymous questions on your Instagram story? As mentioned earlier, Instagram doesn’t have a built-in feature for this, but the NGL app comes to the rescue.

Step 1 – Setting Up with NGL App:

Open the NGL app.

Fill in your Instagram handle and click on “Done!”

Once you’ve completed this step, the app will provide you with a link to get anonymous questions. Be sure to copy this link.

Step 2 – Posting on Your Instagram Story:

Tap on the “share option” provided below the NGL app.

Skip the guide, and you’ll be redirected to your Instagram account.

Once on your Instagram account, click on the sticker icon at the top.

Look for the link sticker and tap on it.

Paste the copied link in the given box.

Customize the sticker text if desired.

Share the story by tapping on the “<” icon at the bottom.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully set up anonymous questions on your Instagram story.

How to View Questions People Have Asked You Anonymously

Checking the responses to your anonymous questions is a breeze with the NGL app. Here’s how you can do it:

Open the NGL app and tap on the “Inbox” option.

Click on the letter icon with a heart, as it contains the responses from people.

The NGL app will also send you a notification whenever someone responds to the link you’ve added to your story. It’s a handy feature to keep track of your interactions.

How to Reply to Anonymous Questions

Responding to Anonymous Questions On InstagramΒ is straightforward. Follow these steps:

Open the NGL app and go to the inbox section.

Tap on the brightly colored letter icon to view the message.

Once the message is open, you’ll see two options below it – “Who sent this πŸ‘€” and “Reply.”

Tap on “Reply.”

You’ll be taken to your Instagram account, where NGL has created a story consisting of all the responses from people. Enter your reply there.

Finally, touch the “your story” option to post the answer.

It’s that simple. You can now engage with your audience through anonymous questions and provide them with the answers they seek.

Why Do People Want Anonymous Questions on Instagram?

The appeal of Anonymous Questions On Instagram is undeniable, and there are several compelling reasons why people wish to receive them:

1. Confidentiality

One of the primary reasons people seek anonymous questions is to maintain confidentiality. They may have concerns about revealing personal information or experiences, or they simply prefer to remain unidentified. For example, a mental health professional may invite questions about mental health topics. Many individuals might want to ask questions but would prefer to remain anonymous to protect their privacy. This allows Instagrammers to interact with a wider audience.

2. Fear of Judgment

The fear of judgment or criticism is another significant factor. Many individuals hesitate to seek advice or express their thoughts openly on various subjects due to the fear of negative reactions. However, by asking questions anonymously, individuals can overcome this fear and engage more openly. For instance, a fashion influencer might encourage questions from their followers. Some followers might be hesitant to ask publicly, but they would feel more comfortable doing so anonymously.

3. To Get Honest Feedback

When individuals can ask questions anonymously, they are more likely to provide honest and unbiased feedback. This is particularly valuable when seeking feedback on creative projects or constructive criticism. For example, if you want to know how people perceive your behavior, they might be hesitant to share their honest opinions if their identity is known. But when their identity is protected, they are more likely to offer candid feedback.

4. To Make Everyone Feel Comfortable

Some individuals experience social anxiety or shyness, making it challenging for them to engage in social situations, including online interactions. However, they often become more comfortable when they have the opportunity to interact without revealing their identity. Anonymous Questions On Instagram can create a welcoming atmosphere for such individuals.

5. To Increase Engagement

Anonymous questions can encourage more people to engage with you authentically, without the need to be fake or fear negative reactions. It’s a way to foster genuine interactions on the platform, which can be particularly valuable for content creators and businesses looking to connect with their audience.

6. It’s a Fun Activity

The idea of people asking you anything without you knowing who they are adds an element of excitement to interactions. The mystery and surprise factor can make this a fun and engaging activity on Instagram. It’s a bit like receiving anonymous notes or messages, which can be intriguing.

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Let’s address some common questions and concerns about anonymous questions on Instagram:

Is Instagram anonymous questions really anonymous?

The answer is both yes and no. If you are using the NGL app for free, it is genuinely anonymous. However, if you choose to purchase the app’s subscription, it may provide hints about the person who has asked you questions.

Is the NGL anonymous message safe?

NGL is a third-party platform, and as such, we can’t definitively claim whether it is safe. Always exercise caution and consider your privacy when using third-party apps.

Can I know who has sent the anonymous message?

While you can’t precisely identify the sender of the anonymous message, the app may offer hints for a fee. For $9.99 on iOS devices, you can access this hint feature, which provides some clues about the questioner’s identity.

Can I reply to the anonymous message?

Yes, you can easily reply to anonymous questions by using the “reply” option on the NGL application. It’s a straightforward process that allows you to engage with your audience and provide answers to their queries.


while Instagram doesn’t offer a built-in feature for anonymous questions, the NGL app provides a valuable solution. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily enable anonymous questions on your Instagram story. This opens the door to a world of engagement, from maintaining confidentiality to receiving honest feedback and making everyone feel comfortable. Whether you’re a content creator, a business, or simply an individual looking to connect with your audience, anonymous questions can be a powerful tool in your social media arsenal. So, give it a try and explore the exciting possibilities that anonymous questions bring to your Instagram interactions.

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