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How to Find Trending audio on Instagram?

How to Find Trending audio on Instagram?

In the dynamic realm of Instagram, where Reel creators thrive on engagement, leveraging trending audio is a game-changer. The burning question: How do you uncover these audio gems? Say no more; we’ve got your back.

How to Find Trending Audio on Instagram

1. Follow the Arrow:

Ever noticed an arrow below an Instagram audio title or in front of the audio name on a reel? That’s the golden ticket. The arrow signals the audio’s trendiness. Whether it’s below the title in the explore section or at the bottom left of the screen in a reel, spotting this arrow is your cue to ride the trend wave.

2. Tap into Suggestions:

Instagram’s suggestion feature is a hidden treasure. While creating a reel, tap on the song icon,

then hit “see more options.”

Behold, a list of trending songs appears, sans arrows. Don’t be misled; these songs are still riding the popularity wave.

3. Spot Repetition:

Reels hint at trending audio.

Scroll through and observe which audio gets repeated. Repetition is a clue, but to seal the deal, confirm with the arrow at the bottom left. It’s a visual confirmation that the audio is in vogue.

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4. Dive into the Trend Report:

Don’t want to sift through reels? Instagram’s Creators account drops a weekly Trend Report every Friday. It covers the crème de la crème: trending filters, sounds, music, hashtags, challenges, and sometimes, a creator’s account. Stay informed, albeit a step behind.

5. Count the Numbers:

Search for an audio, and Instagram reveals its usage count. While a high count doesn’t guarantee trendiness, it’s a solid clue. Anything over a million screams trend. Confirm suspicions by checking for the arrow beneath the title.

6. Stalk Famous Creators:

Follow the leaders. Famous creators provide a sneak peek into what’s hot. Gain insights not just into the latest audio but also what content resonates with a broader audience on Instagram. Learn from the best.

7. Spotify Playlists Hold Secrets:

Tap into Spotify’s treasure trove. Search for “Instagram trending,” navigate to the “Playlists” tab, and discover curated lists of the hottest songs. Once found, cross-check on Instagram for confirmation through arrows or usage numbers.

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How do you know what audio is trending on Instagram?

As you swipe past each post, locate the audio track used in the bottom left corner of the screen. Some audio tracks have a music note. Trending audio tracks have an upward arrow.

How do you use popular audio on Instagram reels?

While you’re creating your reel, you can tap on the Audio button at the top of your screen. Browse the lists of music and original audio, or search for a specific track. Once you’ve picked your track, you can slide the timeline at the bottom of the screen left or right to find the part you want to use.

Can you change the audio on the Instagram reel after posting?

To replace the audio on a muted Reel, just tap Replace audio on the post. Instagram only allows you to do this once, so choose wisely. Unless your Reel has been officially muted by Instagram, you can’t change the audio after posting (sorry).


Creating content with trending audio elevates your chances of going viral. But the quest for the latest beats isn’t straightforward. That’s why we’ve unveiled seven foolproof methods to guide you through the buzzing world of Instagram audio trends.

You shouldn’t encounter any roadblocks in finding the latest songs now. However, if you do, drop a comment, and we’ll be your guiding light.

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