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How to Fix Messenger Update Not Showing on Instagram

Are you struggling with the Instagram Messenger update not showing or working as expected? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Instagram introduced the Messenger update in September 2020, bringing several exciting features like vanish mode, chat colors, and emoji reactions to its messaging platform. However, if you cannot access these features, this guide is here to help.

In this comprehensive post, we’ll address common issues related to the Instagram Messenger update and provide step-by-step solutions to get it up and running. Whether you’re wondering why you don’t have the update, how to fix it if it’s not showing, or how to get the new Messenger update, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and tackle these issues one by one.

Why Don’t I Have the Instagram Messenger Update?

1. Geographical Restrictions: One common reason you might not have the Instagram Messenger update is geographical restrictions. Instagram has rolled out this feature gradually, and it might not be available in your country yet. Instagram says the Messenger update may be unavailable in certain European countries. You might not have access to this feature if you reside in Europe.

Messenger Update

2. Check for the Messenger Update: Before jumping to conclusions, check if you have the Messenger update. To do so, follow these steps:

Open your Instagram profile.

Messenger Update

Tap on the menu icon (usually represented by three horizontal lines).

Messenger Update

Select “Settings.”


Now, look for the “Update Messaging” option. If you can’t find it, it’s likely the feature isn’t available in your country.


3. Update Your Instagram App: Another common reason for not having the Instagram Messenger update is using an outdated version of the Instagram app. To address this, you should:

  • Visit your device’s app store, such as the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.
  • Search for Instagram and check if there’s an available update.
  • If an update is available, install it.


Alternatively, you can uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram to ensure you have the latest version.

How to Fix Messenger Update Not Showing on Instagram

1. Wait for the Update: If the Messenger update isn’t showing on Instagram, patience is best. Instagram is gradually releasing the feature to different regions. If you live in a country where it’s unavailable, waiting for the update to be rolled out is your best bet.

2. Update Instagram: Updating your Instagram app is a straightforward solution that might resolve the issue. You could gain access to the update by updating as Instagram continuously expands its availability. Here’s how to update your app:

  • Go to your device’s app store.
  • Search for Instagram.
  • If there’s an available update, install it.

After updating Instagram, check your settings for the “Update Messaging” option. If you still can’t find it, the feature might not be available in your region, or you could be experiencing a bug or glitch.

3. Reporting a Bug/Glitch: If the “Update Messaging” feature is missing, and you’ve confirmed that your app is up to date, you might encounter a bug or glitch. To address this, you can report the issue to Instagram by following these steps:

Open Instagram.


Navigate to your profile.

Tap on the menu icon.

Select “Settings.”

Go to “Help.”

Choose “Report a Problem.”

Messenger Update

Instagram’s support team can then investigate the issue and guide on resolving it.

How Do I Get the New Messenger Update on Instagram?

If you’ve successfully resolved any issues preventing you from accessing the Messenger update, here’s how you can get the new update on Instagram:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Tap on the menu icon (typically represented by three horizontal lines).
  3. Select “Settings.”
  4. Choose “Update Messaging.”
  5. Finally, tap “Update.”

Once you’ve completed these steps, the messaging feature on Instagram will be updated, granting you access to exciting features such as replying to messages, adding emoji reactions, and more.

Remember that if you still don’t see the “Update Messaging” feature, the feature is not yet available in your country. Instagram is gradually rolling out, and there’s no fixed timeline for when it will be available everywhere. In this case, patience is your best ally.

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Bonus Methods to Get the Update

If you’re eager to access the Messenger update and none of the above methods have worked for you, there are a couple of bonus methods you can try:

1. Use Another Instagram Account: Some users have successfully obtained the Messenger update using a different Instagram account. This could be due to a bug or glitch in the app. Give it a try, and you might get lucky.

2. Use a VPN: Another option is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and connect to a country where the Messenger update is available. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Download a free VPN app from your device’s app store.
  • Connect to a country where the Messenger update is accessible, such as the United States, United Kingdom, or India.
  • Avoid connecting to European countries where the update might still be unavailable.
  • After connecting to the VPN, force close the Instagram app, reopen it, and check for the “Update Messaging” feature in your settings.

Remember that while using a VPN can potentially give you access to the update, it’s essential to be cautious about the VPN service you choose and ensure it’s reputable and secure.


In conclusion, if you’re facing issues with the Instagram Messenger update not showing or working for you, it’s essential to consider various factors, such as geographical availability and app updates. Instagram has been gradually rolling out the Messenger update to different regions, so patience is key if it’s not available in your country yet.

You can troubleshoot common issues by checking for updates, ensuring your Instagram app is up to date, and reporting any bugs or glitches. Additionally, trying out bonus methods like using another Instagram account or a VPN can be worth a shot.

While there might not be a guaranteed fix if the Messenger update is unavailable in your region, stay tuned and watch Instagram’s official updates. They’re continually expanding their feature availability, and it’s only a matter of time before the Messenger update reaches your part of the world. In the meantime, stay patient and enjoy the other features Instagram offers. Happy messaging!

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