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3 ways to Hide Followers on Instagram?

Hide Followers on Instagram?

Are you tired of the constant scrutiny of your Instagram followers? Do you wish you could enjoy the platform without everyone knowing who’s following you? Well, you’re in luck! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of hiding your followers on Instagram, giving you more control over your privacy. We’ll explore various methods to achieve this, answer common questions, and provide you with a step-by-step guide. Let’s dive in!

Can you hide followers on Instagram?

Yes, you can! Instagram offers several ways to hide your followers and maintain your privacy. Whether you want to go completely incognito or just hide a few followers, we’ve got you covered.

How to Hide Followers List on Instagram? – 3 ways

1. Hide Followers Using Private Account

Open Instagram and tap the three horizontal lines.

Choose Settings and  Privacy.

Scroll down to the ‘Who can see your content’ section and tap on ‘Account Privacy’.


Lastly, Swipe the toggle bar to the right side to turn on the private account.


By switching to a private account, you cloak your following and followers lists from anyone not subscribed to you. This grants exclusive access to your approved followers. Pro tip: If growing your followers is crucial, complement your private account with a compelling bio. This snippet is the only glimpse unsubscribed users get, so make it count!

2. Hide Some Individual Followers by Blocking

If you want to hide specific followers without making your account private, you can do so by blocking them. Follow these steps:

  1. How to block a user on Instagram:

    Open Instagram and go to the user’s profile.

    Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner.

    Select Block.

    Instagram will offer to block only this page or all accounts from this user. Choose one and tap Block.


    Blocking users manually may take time, but it ensures certain users can’t peek at your followers and following. A word of caution: Restricted users won’t find your page again, fostering potential disagreements. Think twice about the risks.

3. Invisible your Followers by Unfollow

Another option is to unfollow your followers. This way, they won’t appear in your followers’ list, but you’ll still keep your account public. Here’s how:

How to remove a user from followers:

Open Instagram and tap the list of followers.

Find the profile you want to hide your page data from.

Choose the Remove button next to their username.

Confirm by tapping Remove.

This method doesn’t just hide your page data; it restricts their access to your followers, following, Stories, and posts. A useful tactic, especially when you want to be invisible to specific eyes.


Is there a way to hide followers on Instagram?

Yes, as mentioned above, you can hide your followers on Instagram by either setting your account to private, blocking specific followers, or unfollowing them.

Can I hide the Instagram followers and following counts from everyone?

While you can hide your followers by setting your account to private, Instagram currently does not provide an option to hide your following count.

Can my followers see my Following on Instagram?

Yes, your followers can see the accounts you follow, unless you’ve set your account to private.

How to hide followers count on Instagram?

As of now, Instagram doesn’t offer a built-in feature to hide your follower count. You can only hide your followers’ list by setting your account to private.


In a world where privacy is increasingly important, Instagram provides users with options to control who sees their followers. Whether you choose to go completely private or selectively hide some followers, these methods allow you to curate your Instagram experience to your liking. You have three potent options:

  1. Set your profile to private: Offers exclusive access but might hinder follower growth.
  2. Remove users from followers: Precision privacy control but risks potential disagreements.
  3. Block users: Strategic privacy, but beware of severed connections and potential resentments.

Bear in mind, that balancing privacy with follower growth requires finesse. Optimize your bio and explore growth tips to maintain a healthy follower count. Remember to consider your goals and preferences when deciding which method is right for you. Enjoy your newfound privacy on Instagram!

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