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Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements

Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements

In the fast-paced world of social media, Instagram’s Reels Bonus program has emerged as a game-changer for content creators. This article navigates the intricate terrain of Instagram Reels monetization, shedding light on the eligibility criteria and various earning avenues.

What Is Instagram Reels Monetization (Reels Bonus)?

Instagram’s Reels Bonus program, introduced in October 2022, serves as a lucrative method for users to earn money through their engaging and unique Reels content. However, it’s not a free-for-all; certain eligibility criteria determine who gets to partake in this exclusive opportunity.

Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements

The Key Qualifiers

Follower Count To qualify for the Reels Bonus program, a substantial follower count of at least 100,000 is a prerequisite.

Views Matter Instagram monetizes the Reels of creators with a considerable number of views. You must have a minimum of 1,000 views in the last month to qualify.

Guidelines for Content Creation Adhering to Instagram’s content creation guidelines is imperative for reel monetization eligibility.

Content Monetization Policy Understanding and following Instagram’s policy on prohibited content formats, behaviors, and categories is crucial for eligibility.

Prohibited Formats, Behaviors, and Categories

  • Prohibited Formats
    • Reels with static images and minimal motion.
    • Content posted solely for engagement.
    • Reels displaying static pictures played sequentially.
  • Prohibited Behaviors
    • Content incentivizes the audience.
    • Content requesting compensation for activities like drug consumption.
  • Prohibited Categories
    • Content on polarizing topics such as race, religion, and political affiliation.

Restricted Categories: Content discussing certain subjects in a polarizing or inflammatory manner is not eligible for the bonus program.

Objectionable Activity: Content that depicts or discusses objectionable activities may affect monetization.

Sexual or Suggestive Activity: Content featuring nudity, sexual poses, or suggestive language may face reduced or disabled monetization.

Strong Language: Profanity and derogatory language, whether verbal or written, can impact monetization.

Explicit Content: Content depicting infestation, decay, or extreme body modification may affect Reels monetization.

Accurate Information: Only content providing accurate information is eligible for payment.

Language of the Content: The Reels Bonus program currently supports specific languages, including Arabic, Urdu, Tamil, Spanish, and more.

Content Must Not Be Paid: Instagram only pays for unpaid content. If your content is already earning through sponsorships or affiliate marketing, you won’t be considered eligible.

Live in an Eligible Country: The Reels Bonus program is currently available in the USA and is in the testing phase in India.

Authentic Engagement: Monetization is contingent on genuine audience engagement; bots and fake followers won’t cut it.

How to Set Up Instagram Reels Monetization (Reels Bonus)?

A Step-by-Step Guide

To activate the Reels Bonus, follow these simple steps:

Open Instagram and head to the professional dashboard.

Locate the “Bonuses” option.

Click on “Get started” to initiate the setup process.

Review and accept the terms and conditions.

Choose your nation and specify whether you’re a business owner or an individual creator.

Provide necessary information, including tax details if you’re a business owner.

Select your preferred payout method.

Click “Activate Bonus” and then “Done.”

Note: Ensure you enter business or payout details later if not done during setup to receive the first payment.

Other Ways to Monetize Instagram Reels

While the Reels Bonus is a fantastic opportunity, there are alternative methods to monetize your Instagram content.

Work With Brands Brands often pays influencers for collaboration, irrespective of follower count. Even with a small audience, high engagement can attract brands.

Affiliate Marketing Program Utilize affiliate marketing on Instagram to earn commissions from product sales through shared links.

Sell Your Products/Services Leverage your Instagram presence to drive organic traffic to your business, increasing sales.

Use Badges Enable badges during live streams for viewers to support you with purchases. However, this feature is currently available only to US users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I monetize Instagram Reels?

Yes, various methods, including the Reels Bonus program, allow users to monetize their Instagram Reels.

2. How much money can you make from Instagram monetization?

Earnings from Instagram monetization depend on the method employed. Affiliate marketing can yield around $1600/month, while the Reels Bonus program can go up to $35,000/month.

3. Does Instagram pay for reel views?

Yes, the Reels Bonus program compensates creators for views.


In the dynamic realm of Instagram Reels monetization, eligibility hinges on multiple factors. From follower count and content guidelines to language selection, creators must navigate a multifaceted landscape. So, while you await that coveted notification from Instagram, assess and enhance your content to meet the eligibility criteria.

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