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Instagram’s Forward Feature: What Does It Really Mean?


Are you an avid Instagram user or just dipping your toes into the world of Instagram stories? If so, you might have noticed a curious button while viewing someone’s story – the “Forward” button. What exactly does “Forward” mean on Instagram, and how can you make the most of it? In this blog post, we’ll unravel the mystery behind this feature and dive into the world of Instagram Insights, so you can become a story-sharing pro.

What Is Forward on an Instagram Story?

Instagram’s Forward feature is a nifty tool that allows users to share someone else’s story with their own followers. Think of it as a virtual way of saying, “Hey, check this out! You won’t want to miss it!” When you forward a story, it appears on your story reel for your followers to see.

What Are Instagram Insights?

Before we delve further into the Forward feature, let’s touch on Instagram Insights briefly. Instagram Insights is a built-in analytics tool provided by Instagram for business accounts. It provides valuable data about your account’s performance, including impressions, reach, engagement, and more. However, Insights are not limited to just business accounts; personal accounts can also access some insightful data about their stories.

Other Instagram Story Insights

While we’re on the subject of Insights, let’s explore some other key insights related to Instagram stories:

  • Impressions: This metric tells you how many times your story has been viewed.
  • Reach: It reveals the number of unique accounts that have seen your story.
  • Exits: Find out where people drop off from your story.
  • Replies: See who has replied to your story and engage with your audience.
  • Taps Forward: This is the one that piques our interest and relates directly to the Forward feature.
  • Next Story: The number of taps to the next account’s story

How Can I See My Taps Forward?

Curious to know how many times your Instagram story has been forwarded by your followers? It’s easy to find out. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Instagram: Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  2. Go to Your Story: Tap on your profile picture at the top-left corner of the screen to access your story.
  3. Swipe Up: Swipe up on your story to view the number of people who have tapped forward.
  4. Analyze the Data: You’ll see a list of viewers who forwarded your story along with the total count.

Understanding the number of taps forward can help you gauge the engagement level of your content. If people are forwarding your story, it means they find it interesting or worth sharing.

Forward vs. Next Story on Instagram

Now that we’ve covered what Forward means let’s clear up any confusion about Forward vs. Next Story on Instagram. These two actions might sound similar, but they serve different purposes.

  • Forward: As mentioned earlier, forwarding a story means sharing it with your followers.
  • Next Story: Tapping “Next Story” simply takes you to the next story in your feed. It doesn’t share the story with your followers; it’s more about progressing through your feed.

What Does It Mean When a Story Is Forwarded?

When someone forwards your story, it signifies that they found your content compelling or entertaining enough to share it with their audience. This is a form of endorsement, and it can significantly expand the reach of your story. It’s like a virtual word-of-mouth recommendation, which is gold in the world of social media.

So, if you notice that your stories are being forwarded frequently, pat yourself on the back – your content is resonating with your audience, and your message is spreading.

What Does Forward and Excited Mean on Instagram?

Now, you might have come across the phrase “forward and excited” on Instagram stories. This is often used when someone is eagerly anticipating something and encourages their followers to forward the story if they share the excitement.

For instance, if a popular restaurant is about to launch a new menu, they might post a story saying, “We’re unveiling our new menu tonight! Forward if you’re as excited as we are!” In this context, “forward” is synonymous with “share,” and it’s a call to action for their followers to help spread the excitement.

Other Instagram Story Insights

To make the most of your Instagram stories, here are some additional insights and tips:

  • Use Polls and Questions: Engage your audience with interactive elements like polls and questions. This encourages participation and can boost your engagement metrics.
  • Experiment with Swipe-Ups: If you have a business account with more than 10,000 followers, you can include swipe-up links in your stories to direct traffic to your website or other external sources.
  • Consistency is Key: Posting stories regularly keeps your audience engaged and helps maintain your presence on their feed.
  • Utilize Hashtags and Location Tags: These can increase the discoverability of your stories.
  • Collaborate with Others: Partnering with other users for shoutouts or takeovers can introduce your content to a new audience.


What Does “Forward” Mean on Instagram Activity?

“Forward” on Instagram activity refers to the action of sharing someone else’s story with your own followers. It’s a way to pass along content that you find interesting or want to endorse. When you forward a story in your activity, it becomes visible on your story reel for your followers to see.

What Does “Forward” Mean on an Instagram Post?

On Instagram, the term “Forward” is typically associated with stories, not posts. While you can like, comment, and share posts directly to your story, the “Forward” action is specific to stories. So, if you’re looking to share someone else’s post, you’ll need to use the “Share to Your Story” option.

Is “Forward” a Good Thing on Instagram?

Yes, forwarding a story on Instagram is seen as a positive action. It signifies that you appreciate the content enough to share it with your own followers. For content creators and businesses, having their stories forwarded by others is a form of endorsement and can greatly expand their reach.

What Does “Forward” Mean in Instagram Metrics?

In Instagram Insights, “Forward” is one of the metrics that helps you understand how your audience interacts with your stories. It indicates the number of times your story has been forwarded by viewers. This metric is valuable for gauging the shareability and appeal of your content.

What Is “Forward” vs. “Next Story” on Instagram?

“Forward” and “Next Story” are two distinct actions on Instagram stories:

  • Forward: When you tap “Forward” on a story, you’re sharing it with your followers. The story will appear on your story reel, making it visible to your audience.
  • Next Story: Tapping “Next Story” simply takes you to the next story in your feed. It doesn’t share the story with your followers; it’s a way to navigate through stories you follow.
What Is the Most Effective Way to Post on Instagram?

The most effective way to post on Instagram can vary depending on your goals and audience. However, here are some general tips:

  • Consistency: Regularly post high-quality content to keep your audience engaged.
  • Engagement: Interact with your followers by responding to comments and messages.
  • Use Hashtags and Location Tags: These can increase discoverability.
  • Stories: Utilize Instagram Stories to provide behind-the-scenes content and engage your audience in a more personal way.
  • Analytics: Keep an eye on Instagram Insights to understand what resonates with your audience and adjust your content strategy accordingly.


In conclusion, “Forward” on Instagram is a feature that allows you to share someone else’s story with your followers. It’s a great way to endorse content you find interesting or valuable. Understanding Instagram Insights, including “Taps Forward,” can help you measure the impact of your stories and refine your content strategy.

So, the next time you come across a captivating story on Instagram, don’t hesitate to hit that “Forward” button and share the love with your followers. And if you’re feeling “forward and excited,” go ahead and encourage your audience to join in on the fun. Happy sharing!

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