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This man did not invent Bitcoin| GuyWhoKnowsThings

“Craig Wright's feeling is that it's never been enough,” van Pelt said.

Even after Dr. Wright failed to present the evidence, he maintained a loyal following online. He did not have access to Satoshi's private keys, he claimed in court, because he had broken a hard drive containing them; He described it as an impulsive decision, partly related to his autism.

Ayre supported him and, in 2018, he and Dr. Wright launched Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, which trade winds at about $70 per coin, a small fraction of the price of Bitcoin. Dr. Wright oversaw its development from the offices of nChain, a company that Mr. Ayre founded as a vehicle to turn his partner's ideas about cryptocurrencies into a patent portfolio.

At nChain, Dr. Wright was a difficult boss, prone to yelling, four people who worked with him said. He liked to flaunt his wealth, bragging who had more money than the entire country of Rwanda. nChain employees attended extravagant parties in London: At one memorable event, hosted by Ayre, guests ate sushi from the bodies of naked women, while performers dressed as samurai hovered nearby, two of the people said.

Rejected by much of the crypto industry, Dr. Wright took his claim against Satoshi-dom in court, launching litigation that Mr. Ayre helped fund. In 2022, his defamation battle reached Norway, where Magnus Granath, the little-known Bitcoin enthusiast who had accused him of social media fraud, won a judgment against him. That year, Dr. Wright also sued the coders of Bitcoin, alleging copyright infringement.

“He appears to have enough money and backing from others to be able to follow through on his threats to ruin people financially through costly litigation,” said Steve Lee, a manager at Block, a company Dorsey co-founded after Twitter. in a court filing last year.

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