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Why can’t i reply to messages on Instagram?

Why can’t i reply to messages on Instagram

Are you having trouble responding to messages on Instagram? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Instagram’s messaging system has evolved over time; sometimes, users encounter issues when trying to reply to specific messages. In this guide, we’ll explore the common reasons you might be facing this problem and provide practical solutions to get your messaging back on track. So, if you’re wondering, “Why can’t I reply to messages on Instagram?” or “How can I fix this issue?” keep reading to find the answers.

Common Reasons Behind the Inability to Reply to Specific Messages

Various factors can contribute to your inability to reply to specific messages on Instagram. Here are some of the most common ones:

1. Using an Older Version of the Instagram App

Have you ever wondered why app updates are regularly released? They contain new features, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance the user experience. If you haven’t updated your Instagram app, it could be why you’re encountering this issue. Outdated versions may lack the functionality required for replying to specific messages.

2. Feature Not Introduced in Your Region or Account

Instagram often rolls out new features at different times and to different regions. If you can’t reply to specific messages, it’s possible that this feature hasn’t been introduced to your area or account yet. It might just be a matter of time before it becomes available to you.

3. Unstable Internet Connection

A slow or unstable internet connection can hinder your ability to use certain features on Instagram, including replying to specific messages. It’s essential to ensure that you have a stable internet connection to avoid these issues. You might want to switch from cellular data to Wi-Fi or vice versa if that’s an option. If not, temporarily activating airplane mode might help.

4. Temporary Bug or Glitch

Sometimes, the issue isn’t on your end but with Instagram itself. Temporary bugs or glitches can affect specific features, including message replies. These issues often resolve on their own after some time. To expedite the process, you can try restarting your device or logging out of Instagram and then logging back in.

5. Corrupted App Cache

The app cache can occasionally become corrupted, leading to problems with various Instagram features. Clearing the cache can help resolve these issues and improve the app’s performance.

Now that we’ve identified the common reasons behind the problem let’s dive into the solutions that can help you regain the ability to reply to specific messages on Instagram.

How to Fix Replying Message Problems on Instagram

Here are several solutions to address the issue of not being able to reply to specific messages on Instagram:

1. Clear Cache

Clearing the cache of your Instagram app can help remove data that may be interfering with the app’s smooth functioning. Follow these steps to clear the cache on an Android phone:

Hold the Instagram app icon on your home screen.

Open Instagarm

Tap on the “App info” option.


Select “Storage usage.”

Finally, touch the “Clear cache” option.

Please note that iOS devices don’t have a built-in option to clear app cache. If you’re using an iPhone, you may need to delete the Instagram app and then reinstall it to clear the cache.

2. Internet Connectivity Issues

Ensure that you have a stable and high-speed internet connection when using Instagram. Slow or unreliable internet connections can impede the proper functioning of the app. You can check your internet speed using various online speed test tools or by comparing it with another platform that relies on the internet.

If you find any issues with your internet connection, try switching between cellular data and Wi-Fi or activating airplane mode for a brief period.

3. Wait for a Few Minutes

Instagram has billions of users, and there are times when a large number of users are active simultaneously, causing server outages. These outages can result in temporary service disruptions, including the inability to reply to specific messages. To check for server outages, you can use platforms like Downdetector.com or monitor Instagram-related updates on Twitter. If a server outage is confirmed, all you can do is wait until the issue is resolved.

4. Use the Latest Version

Instagram releases updates to improve the platform’s functionality. If you’re not using the most up-to-date version of Instagram, you might encounter errors and issues. Therefore, it’s advisable to update the Instagram app whenever a new version becomes available.

5. Use a VPN

In some cases, Instagram might not have introduced the specific message reply feature in your region. If that’s the issue, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN can help you hide your actual location and replace it with one where Instagram has already introduced the feature. This way, you can access and use the feature even if it’s not officially available in your area.

6. Contact Instagram Support Team

If none of the previous solutions work for you, consider reaching out to Instagram’s support team for assistance. Here’s how you can do it:

Go to the settings and privacy option of your Instagram account.

Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the “help” option in the “More info and support” section.

Click on “report a problem.”

You have the option to report the issue in various ways. If you haven’t received the “reply to specific message” feature on your account, you can inform the support team about it and request them to provide it. Alternatively, if you have the feature but can’t use it for some reason, you can report that issue as well.

7. Log In Again

Sometimes, simply logging out and logging back in can resolve the issue. Here are the steps to log out and re-login to your Instagram account:

Tap on the profile picture of your Instagram account.

Tap on the three-bar icon to access the menu.

Go to the “settings & privacy” option.

Scroll down and tap on the “logout” option.

After logging out, close the app, and then reopen it. Log in again by entering your Instagram account credentials.

8. Reinstall the Instagram App

Reinstalling the Instagram app can help eliminate temporary glitches and erroneous files that may be causing issues. Follow these steps to uninstall and then reinstall the app:

Uninstall the Instagram app from your device.

Download and install the app again.

Please note that you’ll be asked to provide your account credentials when logging in after reinstalling the app.

9. Use Instagram Messenger

Many users have reported that they were unable to use the specific message reply feature within the Instagram app, but it worked when they installed Messenger. If you’re still unable to reply to messages, consider installing Messenger and see if it resolves the issue.

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How to Reply to Specific Messages on Instagram

Now that we’ve covered the various solutions to fix the issue, let’s discuss how to reply to specific messages on Instagram once the problem is resolved:

Open the chat in which your friend or someone has sent a message to you and you want to reply to that.

Hold the message by tapping on it.

Tap the “Reply” option.

Type the message you’d like to reply with and then tap “Send.”

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are answers to some common questions related to replying to messages on Instagram:

Q1: How do I turn on message replies on Instagram?

A1: There is no direct way to “turn on” the message reply feature on Instagram. You can request the part from Instagram’s customer support.

Q2: How do you enable the reply option on Instagram?

A2: You can ask Instagram’s support team to introduce the feature to your account. Additionally, updating the app to the latest version might enable the reply option.


We hope that the solutions provided in this guide have helped you regain the ability to reply to specific messages on Instagram. Remember that Instagram continually evolves and introduces new features, so occasional issues are to be expected. By staying informed and following the steps outlined in this article, you can enjoy a smoother and more reliable messaging experience on the platform.

If you have any further questions or encounter additional issues, don’t hesitate to contact Instagram’s support team. They are there to assist you and ensure you have the best possible experience while using the platform.

Thank you for reading, and we wish you happy and hassle-free messaging on Instagram!

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